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New Music Video: Eden Gebreselassie - Lelana - 2017

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New Music Video: Eden Gebreselassie - Lelana -  2017

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  • teklebrhan.k Added She is coming good i appreciate her and thank you tigraytube for sharing. However, i am really sorry for Eden that why does she always like to do only with Goyila? what about the other lovely music styles and traditions such as Awris, Raya and Hura 3 etc.. i deeply blame all our popular vocalists i am so sorry they had to promote it otherwise those envious and would like to cheat and invade our lovely culture have begun diverting as if their own. please please Eden, Abrham, Mahlet and all famous artists need an advise. Off course i grew in Goyla type of music and would like ever hear but i need to know and enjoy the others.