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  • BREAKING NEWS! Isaias Afeworki Launches Full-scale Ground Invasion of Ethiopia, in retaliation to recent UN report


    The isolated regime in Eritrea has launched a full-scale attack in northern Ethiopia last night, following the recent report by UN Commission of Inquiry, in which it says the regime has committed crimes against humanity.

    According to sources, heavy fighting is taking place in two separate fronts, Tsorena and Zalanbesa. Residents of both towns whom sources spoke to have confirmed that the fighting is continuing in and around these border areas.

    Getachew Reda, Ethiopia’s communications minister told Bloomberg news agency from Frankfurt that the incident could be an effort by the Eritrean government to distract attention from a June 8 United Nations report that said its leaders committed crimes against humanity, by phone .

    Two days ago, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea had suggested that the international community should now take steps, including using the international criminal court, national courts and other available mechanisms, to ensure there is accountability for the atrocities being committed in Eritrea.

    Isais Afeworki, who is now isolated both politically and diplomatically from the international community, has now chosen full-scale war out of frustration.

    The government of Eritrea accused neighboring Ethiopia of unleashing an Attack in Tsorona Central Front.

    Eritrea’s Information Ministry said in a press release posted on the ministry’s official website, shabait.com, that “the TPLF regime has yesterday, Sunday 12 June 2016, unleashed an attack against Eritrea on the Tsorona Central Front. The purpose and ramifications of this attack are not clear”. Please read the short press release issued by the ministry of Information below.

    TPLF Regime launches an attack

    The TPLF regime has today, Sunday 12 June 2016, unleashed an attack against Eritrea on the Tsorona Central Front. The purpose and ramifications of this attack are not clear. The Government of Eritrea will issue further statements on the unfolding situation.

    Ministry of Information


    We will comeback with further updates


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  • [Breaking News] Eritrean pilot defects to Ethiopia with military plane


    An Eritrean air force pilot has defected on Wednesday by flying his military aircraft to Ethiopia’s northern city, Mekelle, sources disclosed to Awramba times.

    This is not the first time for Eritrean air force members to defect to the neighboring nations.

    In 2012, two Eritrean military pilots secretly flew President Isaias Afewerki’s plane to Saudi Arabia where they sought political asylum. A year after this incident, three other members of the Eritrean air force have defected with their fighter jet to Saudi Arabia. In April the same year, another female Eritrean air force pilot sent by the regime to retrieve the stolen jet from Saudi Arabia herself was defected.

    As no Eritrean pilot has yet made his route to Ethiopia, the pilot who defected to Ethiopia today is the first ever Eritrean air force member to make the neighboring Ethiopia a destination of his defection.

    We will be back with more details

    Source: Awramba Times 

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  • On Ethiopia's Declared State of Emergency


    Press Statement
    John Kirby
    Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
    Washington, DC
    October 12, 2016


    The United States takes note of the Government of Ethiopia’s October 8 declaration of a State of Emergency in response to recent protests and violence in the Oromia and Amhara regions.  We are troubled by the potential impact of the decision to authorize detention without a warrant and to further limit freedom of expression, including by blocking Internet access, prohibiting public gatherings, and imposing curfews.  This declaration, if implemented in these ways, would further enshrine the type of response that has failed to ameliorate the recent political crisis.  

    Political pluralism and respect for fundamental freedoms are essential to addressing the legitimate grievances of protesters and other Ethiopians.  We reiterate our longstanding call for the Government of Ethiopia to respect its citizens’ constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms of expression and association, and to release those detained for peacefully exercising those rights.  Arresting and silencing independent and critical voices is self-defeating and will lead to greater polarization, and makes it harder to find a solution acceptable to all Ethiopians.  

    We strongly encourage everyone to refrain from committing further acts of violence in Ethiopia.  Peaceful dialogue is the path to resolution of Ethiopia’s need for reform.  Too many innocent lives have already been lost and too much destruction has already taken place.

    We welcome President Mulatu’s October 10 address to Parliament committing the government to addressing some of these grievances - such as land rights, electoral reform, and recognition of the special interest of the Oromia region in the city of Addis Ababa.  We encourage the government to act on these commitments decisively and quickly, and urge it to undertake further comprehensive reforms with the goal of opening political space and ensuring respect for fundamental freedoms and the democratic rights enshrined in the Constitution of Ethiopia.  We also note the Prime Minister’s commitment that the state of emergency will not breach human rights protected by the Ethiopian constitution.


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  • News: Command Post established to oversee implementation of state of emergency begins its duty - 2016

    The Command Post established to oversee the implementation of the state of emergency has begun its duty.

    Secretariat of the Command Post has been nominated as per the state of the emergency.

    Security forces were briefed on the implementation of the emergency rule, said Siraj Fegessa, Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense.

    The Command Post will mainly control the security situation, gives protection for institutions and infrastructures as well as ensures that human rights are not breached, he said.

    Siraj finally called on the public to collaborate with the Command Post.

    Following the state of emergency declared on October 8, 2016, a command post, led by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, was established to oversee implementation of the emergency rule.

    Source: FBC


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  • News: Ethiopian Airlines confirms increase in flight frequency to Seychelles to five a week


    Ethiopian Airlines confirms Increase in Flight Frequency to Seychelles to five a week as from 16 December.

    Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing and most profitable African airline, have said that they are delighted to announce that they will add a 5th weekly flight to Seychelles as of 16th December 2016.

    Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, said, "Air transport being a vital component of the tourist appeal and the driving factor for economic growth in general, we have been serving our beloved continent for seven decades, offering convenient connectivity options to more than 52 African cities. Seychelles being Africa's premier tourist destination, with the natural attractions of the archipelagos, we have now added a fifth weekly service to provide more options for passengers flying from any part of the world to the Seychelles and vice versa through our strategic hub at Addis Ababa. As per our growth strategy, vision 2025, we shall continue to increase our presence in Africa, so as to better promote and facilitate growth in the business and tourism sectors.

    Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture has welcomed this increase in frequency by Ethiopian Airlines. "This latest announcement is music to our ears and to the tourism industry of Seychelles. We depend entirely on air access for the consolidation of our tourism industry. Five flights a week by Ethiopian Airlines is indeed good news" Minister St.Ange said to Meseret Tekalign, the Area Manager of Ethiopian Airlines based in Seychelles.

    Ethiopian Airlines also offers special fares for tour packages to the major African tourist destinations such as Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Dar-Es-Salaam, Johannesburg, Maputo, Djibouti and Cairo.

    Source: eturbonews


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